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4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Posted by Chappell's Florist on 20th Nov 2019

Thanksgiving is next week, so we’re sure you’re already busy planning the plethora of side dishes and desserts to serve — not to mention the turkey! Once you’ve finalized the menu and figured out how you’re supposed to make everything in a limited amount of time, it’s time to think about the decor and table settings.

Here at Chappell’s Florist in Burlington, we’re ready to offer you some tips! Our florists have been busier than ever with flower arrangements for the holidays, and it’s given us some time to think about how we would arrange everything to create the perfect Thanksgiving table (you know: the one that your mother-in-law will talk about for years to come). Keep reading to learn more, and then be sure to contact our florist in Burlington today for fresh flower accents for your Thanksgiving table!

We offer same-day flower delivery for orders received before 11:00 a.m., and our florist serves not only all of Burlington, but also Williston, Shelburne, Charlotte, Colchester, UVM, and Winooski. Order from your local flower shop today!

Think About Color

You may be excited about all the red and green you get to pull out soon for Christmas decor, but our local florist recommends holding off just one more day and instead diving in to all things Thanksgiving. Your color palette can include the traditional reds and oranges, of course, but don’t be afraid of cranberry, gold, teal, or green to give it a modern twist.

Don’t Forget Decorative Accents

Next up: decorative accents. This can include everything from pumpkins to flower arrangements, candles, greenery, and more! Of course, here at Chappell’s Florist, we’re partial to floral arrangements! And to make your decorating job easier than ever, our florist has created incredible center pieces and accents for your Thanksgiving table. Some of our Thanksgiving flower arrangements even include candles and cornucopias to simplify the rest of your table decor.

Vary the Textures

Now, it’s also important to vary textures throughout the table in order to give it some flair and depth. Our flower arrangements will certainly offer some unique textures, but you can also use cloth napkins, a pretty tablecloth or runner, unique chargers and plates, napkin rings and silverware, and more.

Add a Menu and Place Cards

Finally, you can up the ante and make your floral arrangements and Thanksgiving decor truly stand out by adding a menu and place cards to the table. This may seem like a little thing, but it can make your Thanksgiving dinner fancier and truly set it apart from other meals with your friends and family.

We’re Your Florist in South Burlington

When you’re looking for wedding flowers, sympathy flowers, get-well flowers, and more, Chappell’s Florist is your local flower shop you can trust — and it’s the same for Thanksgiving! You can count on our florists for beautiful, unique, and creative flower arrangements that will make your Thanksgiving table a true showstopper. Order your Thanksgiving floral arrangements today.