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5 People In Your Life You Should Surprise With Flowers

19th Mar 2019

We often associate sending flowers to someone as solely a romantic gesture. While it is true that a beautiful flower delivery goes a long way toward making your significant other happy, romance isn’t the only reason to send someone you care about flowers. In fact, there are numerous people in your life who would love to come home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

As your local Burlington flower shop, we love helping people in our community brighten each other’s lives with a gorgeous flower arrangement. We recognize how much this simple gesture can mean to someone during a hectic day. If you are looking for someone to surprise with a beautiful bouquet from our flower shop, check out these five people who deserve this special gift.

#1: Your Child’s Teacher

If you have a kid in school, then you know how hard your child’s teacher works. Every single day, teachers in our community show up to work, ready to help guide our children. From teaching your child to read to demonstrating what it means to be a thoughtful person, teachers instill so much more than just basic knowledge into our children’s lives.

Teachers are wonderful people to send a surprise bouquet to. Flowers can brighten their busy day and remind them that their hard work is noticed. Sometimes it is just a simple gesture, such as flower delivery, that can go a long way in giving a teacher the motivation to carry on through tough days.

#2: Your Next Door Neighbors

Being a good neighbor is about so much more than keeping your sidewalk shoveled and your lawn in decent shape. As neighbors, we look out for each other. We keep an eye on one another’s homes. We lend a hand when needed and we pick up the mail for each other when we are gone on vacation. These neighborly acts are what makes a community a pleasant and comforting place to live.

Another great way to demonstrate to your neighbors that you appreciate all they do is by sending them a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Perhaps they watered your lawn last summer when you were away. Maybe you get together with your neighbors for community meals. Whatever the case, show your appreciation for their contribution to your neighborhood with a fresh floral arrangement.

#3: Your Grandma

We often think about sending flowers to our moms on Mother’s Day or to our wives on Valentine’s Day, but an often forgotten family member is our grandma. Whether your grandma lives just up the street or has recently been moved to a nursing home, sending a beautiful arrangement of flowers is a great way to brighten her day.

Our grandmothers contribute so much. They raised our parents, provided us with freshly baked cookies, and offered us wisdom over the years. A quick bouquet of flowers is a wonderful way to remind your grandma that she is appreciated and loved.

4: Your Best Friend

Do you have a friend that is always there for you? Best friends hold a special place in our lives. Offering a shoulder to cry on when times are tough and a shared laugh during delightful evenings out, surprising your best friend with flowers is a great way to say thank you for all the many ways they have impacted your life.

We often focus on expressing our love with our significant others and forget to do the same for our best friends. These important figures in our lives also deserve an extra moment of appreciation now and again. Pick out a flower arrangement that reminds you of all you and your best friend share.

#5: Yourself!

Who says we can only gift flowers to others? Sometimes in life, you need to be your own best friend. If you have been eyeing our gorgeous fresh floral arrangements and wishing someone would surprise you with a flower delivery, treat yourself! The best part about giving yourself the gift of flowers is that you get to choose precisely the arrangement you want.

Whether you are rewarding yourself for a recent accomplishment at work or you simply want to brighten your house, you are a worthy recipient of a beautiful bouquet. Browse our floral arrangements and find something that lifts your spirits.

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Here at Chappell’s Florist, we are proud to be a trusted and loved flower shop in Burlington. We derive great joy out of sharing the beauty of flowers with those in our community. Whether you are surprising a relative with an unexpected gift of flowers or you have decided that it is you who deserves a bouquet, we will be honored to deliver a gorgeous arrangement to the person of your choice. 

Shop our gorgeous selection of flowers and find the perfect bouquet to express your appreciation for someone you love.