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Holiday Decor Tips: Incorporating Fresh Flowers For Christmas

Holiday Decor Tips: Incorporating Fresh Flowers For Christmas

1st Nov 2018

When you think about the sights and smells of Christmas, what does your mind conjure? For many of us, it starts with an evergreen tree — real or not — and grows into a festive home filled with twinkling lights, shimmering ornaments, and greenery bringing a fresh smell during the darkest time of year. Whether you have a life tree and fresh garlands or you supplement with holiday-scented candles, that fresh smell of greenery is just as much a part of Christmas decor as the sugar and spices of holiday baking.

There’s a reason you may feel compelled to gather up greenery to fill your home this time of year. As we go from fall into winter, the days get shorter and shorter. For many who work traditional hours, it can be hard to find time to see the sun because we’re at work before the sun is fully up and we’re not heading home until it’s already setting. Struggles like seasonal affective disorder and depression are also on the rise as a result of the shorter days. We bring greenery into our home as an age-old reminder that spring will come. This Christmas, don’t limit your festive decor to a few dusty, bedraggled garlands you drag down from the attic. Try these tips to bring lively, fresh greenery and flowers into your home.


The poinsettia is a true Christmas classic. The poinsettia actually started as a Christmas tradition from Mexico, which stems from a folk tale of a poor girl offering weeds as a gift on Christmas Eve. Though a humble gift, the weeds were miraculously transformed into bright, beautiful poinsettia plants because they were a gift given with love. That tale is the reason you’ll often see churches filled with this bright flower during the Christmas season.

Fresh Evergreen

Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the only fresh greenery in your home. Evergreens became a staple Christmas decoration because, back before there were flower shops, evergreens were often the only lively-looking plants available at this time of year. Now, Christmas wreaths and centerpieces are a traditional and beautiful way to bring bright color and fresh scents into any space in your home during Christmas.

Red and Green Flower Arrangements

Have you ever wondered why Christmas colors are traditionally red and green? It’s not just because the bold vibrance of red pops against the cooler tones of comforting green. We keep using red and green in a majority of Christmas decorating because it harkens back to another traditional Christmas decor staple from times past: holly. Holly bushes, with their sharp leaves and bright red berries, are hardy enough to grow verdant even during winter. This plant has been a Christmas decorating staple for centuries, and it is a big part of the reason we use so much red and green, even today. Bring holly into your home for a classic, beautiful Christmas touch.


If you like to have some additional meaning behind your Christmas decor, lilies are a perfect option. White lilies offer a bright point that makes Christmas flower arrangements pop, and stargazer lilies are like nature’s Christmas tree ornaments because they’re so bold and fun-looking. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also a flower often used around Easter in the Christian faith to represent the resurrected Christ. Decorating with lilies at Christmas can be a simple way to bring a reminder of faith into your celebrations.

Mini Trees and More

Miniature Christmas trees and Christmas-themed flower arrangements are also a fun way to liven up your home this time of year. Brighten up your Christmas dinner with a fresh floral centerpiece illuminated by golden candles, or place a few fresh evergreen arrangements in main living areas to bring seasonal life where it will be most easily enjoyed.

This holiday season, bring life into the darker days of winter with live Christmas flower arrangements and decor. Shop Chappell’s Florist online or visit our Burlington shop for festive home decor, seasonally inspired flower arrangements, and so much more. Find the perfect centerpiece option to liven up your Christmas dinner table settings, traditional greenery to liven up any room in the house, and great gifts for anyone on your list. We offer flower delivery, so give us a call or shop online to schedule today!