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About us

From ethereal and organic styles, to bold, lavish bouquets, our signature styles combine technique, texture, movement and balance with a focus of assuring freshness and longevity with natural components.

Our Promise



Our florists work hard to create your flowers exactly like you see them on our site, but it may be necessary to alter your bouquet with other flowers due to the availability of certain plants that are in or out of season.

In short, we would rather substitute your flowers with something fresh rather than with something old.

See our substitution information Here.

Care is taken to maintain the style and theme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal or higher value. We take pride and the time to create each floral design for you because it's the customer we care about. We know how important the occasion is when you send flowers, and we do our best to maintain the highest quality available. 

When people receive our flowers we often hear this is the most gorgeous flower design they've ever received. When delivering in hospitals or offices, our designs turn heads. Thank you for choosing South Burlington's local flower shop: Chappell's!