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From ethereal and organic styles, to bold, lavish bouquets, our signature styles combine technique, texture, movement and balance with a focus of assuring freshness and longevity with natural components.


Flowers are a symbol of spring and traditionally have been sent as Easter gifts, floral centerpieces, and religious decorations. There is a large list of flowers that have special significance at Easter. The white lily is considered the most popular Easter flower and gift. The lily represents hope and love, divinity and purity. Delivering a white lily indicates that you are pleased to know the recipient. Yellow lilies are a suggestion for living life in the present moment. Daffodils and tulips are the first sign of spring in Vermont; in Germany, Daffodils are know as Easter bells. Pussy willows, azaleas, hyacinths, spring beauties, forsythia, and apple blossom branches are also a heralding of spring in New England.

Here at our flower shop, we know flowers! We can handle your Easter flower delivery, whether it's going to someone's home, a church, a hospital, or anywhere else in the Burlington area. You can send flowers to brighten someone's Easter even if you can't be there, or send them ahead of time so that they're waiting for you when you arrive for Easter dinner. Get the best flower arrangements possible with amazing Easter flowers from Chappell's Florist!