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Best Flowers for an All-Day Outdoor Wedding in the City

Best Flowers for an All-Day Outdoor Wedding in the City

Posted by Chappell's Florist on 16th Aug 2021

For most women, flowers are must-haves for an outdoor wedding. It can be used either as your bouquet, backdrops, centerpieces, and much more. These flowers have been a huge part of wedding ceremonies for quite a while now and also have historical significance depending on your culture or religion.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and you need a few flower tips, stick around as we go through some of the flowers that can be used in weddings. This will help you choose an ideal wedding flower suitable for your special day.


These flowers are perfect for summer weddings. If you want to make a statement with your centerpieces or bouquets they can be a perfect choice. They have a thorny texture with a range of sizes and colors.

They symbolize commitment and a lasting bond which makes them perfect for weddings. They can either be used alone if you want a refined look or you can have them create a rustic vibe.


No matter what color you choose, you can never go wrong picking roses as your wedding flowers. From the standard roses to English gardens, these flowers are unique. They symbolize beauty, love, and romance and are unbelievably affordable — no wonder they are quite popular wedding flowers and are perfect for your outdoor weddings.

Whether they are paired or not, adding a few roses to your bouquet or centerpieces gives it the perfect touch. They also have a plethora of color options you can always choose from. Their sweet fragrance can make you remember a romantic memory while you walk down the aisle.


This is another flower that is perfect for your outdoor wedding and they can be available during summer and spring. They symbolize the love of nature and can either stand alone or be combined with other florals.


Over time, these flowers have become more than just filler flowers. Each color of the carnation flower has its meaning. Red represents love, pink represents boldness, and white represents talent. Their scent and appearance are a perfect fit for any wedding outdoors or not. They are fresh and inexpensive making them a perfect choice for your weddings.

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Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular and several other flowers can be used for these weddings. However, if you need a reliable florist in south Burlington, to give you the best flower for your outdoor wedding, Chappell's Florist in Burlington has all the flowers you may need.