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Fall Wedding Flower Favorites

Fall Wedding Flower Favorites

Posted by Chappell's Florist on 1st Sep 2021

Fall is that time of the year where natural beauty is celebrated. The leaves change, flowers bloom, and there is always the romantic sunset with rich color pallets almost everywhere. This can be an opportunity for you to have an amazing wedding.

You can always take advantage of this season by using these elements as part of your wedding decor, especially with your wedding flower designs. Regardless of what your wedding theme will be, whether it is classic, chic, rustic, or anything in between, best believe that your wedding flowers play a huge role in your decor.

So, if you intend to have a fall wedding this season, here are a few fall wedding flower favorites you can use to spice up your ceremony — and choose Chappell’s Florist in Burlington and we’ll help you make your special day perfect.

Calla Lily

These flowers are one of the most common fall wedding flowers. They are easily accessible and can give you an amazing flower arrangement for your wedding. On top of that, they are quite attractive and have a variety of colors that can match any wedding decor!

The calla lily is an excellent choice for your weddings. Plus, it has the ability to be twisted into any floral design, making it stand out. And because they do well in any weather condition, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.


This is an ideal flower for fall weddings. It is grown in almost all parts of the country which makes it somewhat easy to source. It also has a wide range of color and tones that fits into any color scheme you intend to use.

Some of the common dahlia varieties are pompon dahlias. These are rounded flowers with tightly packed petals. Then there are cafe au lait dahlias which are fluffy and have longer petals.

Garden Roses

Roses are ideal wedding flowers used in any season. One of the common reasons roses are ideal wedding flowers is because they blossom in different shades. The wide range of colors and fragrances makes them more ideal for fall weddings. Plus, they resemble peony flowers which are usually out of season in the fall months.

Get the Perfect Fall Wedding Flowers

If you intend to get married during the fall season and you need a florist in south Burlington to help you get these amazing flowers and more look no further than Chappell's Florist. We have the strongest guarantee that you will love every flower piece we bring your way.