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Ways To Say Romance Without Roses

20th Jul 2018

Whether it’s time to celebrate your anniversary or you want to bring a beautiful surprise to your sweetheart, roses are a a great go-to option. But when you’ve given roses for the last five anniversaries in a row, it might be time to branch out to something new. Shake up your romantic surprises without losing the underlying message of love and romance. Try these options from your local florist to say romance without roses:


In the language of flowers, red tulips represent perfect love. The sleek red petals send a similar message of love and romance comparable to that of red roses. In addition to that, the tulip’s stigma is heart-shaped to add to the meaning. And, did you know that tulips actually keep growing in water after they’ve been cut? This is a great way to not only convey your love, but also to send a message about the depth and longevity of that feeling.


Many of us know about carnations from elementary school science classes, when stems were split and set in differently colored glasses of water to show how a flower works. That’s not exactly a romantic association. But, before school experiments came into play, carnations had a much more regal association. They’re of the genus Dianthus, or the “flower of the gods,” so this is a good flower to give when you’re looking to tell your sweetheart they’re above royalty to you. Plus, they come in a wide array of different colors, so you can find carnations to suit basically any preferences.


This bright, cheerful flower isn’t always associated with romance, but they can pack some power behind the message in romantic flower arrangements. Sunflowers mean loyalty, which is a valued part of any committed relationship. When in fields, sunflowers also shift and track the sun through the sky. What’s more romantic than using sunflowers to compare your sweetie to the sun in your (metaphorical) sky?


If you want a more exotic option, the orchid is a perfect pick. There are thousands of different variations of orchids in different colors and blossom shapes, but they can be difficult to grow successfully. Giving an orchid, either live or as a cut spray of blooms, is a great way of saying your love has the rare beauty and refinement of this stunning flower.


Like orchids, there are a huge range of different types of lilies. Calla lilies are a sleek, elegant version, while the Star Gazer lily is a bright, bold bloom. The message you convey can vary based on the type of lily you choose, but if you find one that matches what you love best about your other half, you can’t really go wrong!


You will often see irises bloom during spring out in nature, so this is a flower often associated with hope (just like the season itself). Historically, the three petals of the iris are said to represent faith, valor, and wisdom. Add those to the message of hope, and this flower conveys an impressively complex message about how you see your relationship.

Romantic Flower Arrangements

Of course, you don’t have to stick to just one of these flowers to send a romantic message. Mix and match to create a uniquely personalized message of love. Whether you choose romantic flower arrangements with roses or not, flower bouquets are a wonderful way to convey the depth of your love without needing to say a word. No matter the occasion, Chappells Florist has a variety of different romantic bouquets and other flower arrangements to help you say more than just “I love you.” For those in South Burlington, visit our shop to choose the right option, or shop our florist shop offerings online!