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Fresh Flowers For Housewarming

Fresh Flowers For Housewarming

21st Jun 2019

Ah, fresh flowers! What better way is there to brighten up someone’s day? Fresh flowers bring beauty and levity and style to every home. Flowers act as a wonderful gift no matter the occasion. Indeed, as we’ve written before, you don’t need any reason at all to give flowers as a gift! If you’re in the South Burlington and Colchester areas, then Chappell’s Florist is here to help you bring that brightness into someone’s life.

Even though you don’t need an excuse to give flowers as a gift, luckily, sometimes an excuse falls right into your lap! Fresh flowers for housewarming is just such an occasion. In today’s blog, Chappell’s Florist will walk you through some ideas for giving fresh flowers as a housewarming gift. First things first, how do you start choosing the right kind of flowers?

Housewarming Flower Considerations

Right off the bat, we want to acknowledge that there is no wrong flower to get someone as a housewarming gift. Any home will look more beautiful with the presence of flowers and plants, no matter the type. That being said, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when picking out flowers for a housewarming gift. A single red rose, for instance, is certainly classy and pretty, but might not make a whole lot of sense for a housewarming gift. So, what would work?

Well, the most important thing to take into consideration is the personal taste of the person or people you’re buying the gift for. Let their tastes guide your gift-buying decision, even if it’s not exactly what you’d personally choose. Trying to pick out the perfect flowers can sometimes be a bit overwhelming (there are just so many good options!), but the decision can end up being easy if you know their personal tastes. Perhaps you happen to know that their favorite flowers in the whole world are bright yellow lilies. Then, choosing a Lily Sunshine Bouquet is easy as pie.

There are times when the choice isn’t so easy. What do you do then? What are some tips for choosing the perfect housewarming flower?

Tip For Choosing The Perfect Flowers

If you’re at a loss for the personal preferences of the person you’re buying flowers for, then ask yourself a few questions:

  • What kinds of flowers do you personally like the best?
  • What kinds of flowers do you decorate your own home with?
  • What kinds of flowers do your other friends and family decorate with?
  • What type of look are they going for in their new home?
  • Does their home get lots of sunlight, does it have a patio, or a backyard, etc.?

Asking yourself these types of questions will help guide you toward the right kind of fresh flowers for your housewarming gift. Generally speaking, though, you want to choose your housewarming gift with the intention of beautifying your loved one’s new home. That’s your ultimate aim.

As discussed, the natural beauty of fresh flowers makes it difficult not to make a home more beautiful. Nevertheless, a good starting place is a bright and colorful bouquet. You should also consider the fragrance of the flowers. It’s not just about beautifying the space in the visual sense. Flowers can provide an ambience that makes a home more welcoming through multiple senses. Considering this, a good place to start might be a bright bouquet like our Courtyard arrangement. And you couldn’t go wrong with our new Bright and Beautiful arrangement.

Fresh Flowers From Chappell’s Florist

You have so many good options for a housewarming gift. Fresh flowers will be warmly received and greatly appreciated, no matter what kind you go with. Chappell’s Florist in Colchester has an amazing selection of fresh flowers, bouquets, and arrangements for you to choose from. Let us make your loved one’s housewarming truly special.