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How to Plant and Grow Peonies

How to Plant and Grow Peonies

Posted by Chappell's Florist on 1st Sep 2021

Peonies are beautiful and flamboyant plants that bloom from late spring to early summer. They are perennial plants that can live for up to 100 years. These flowers are usually sold at bare roots and are best planted in moist, well-drained soil under full sun.

If you have a peony and would want to plant them, then this post is just what you need! Here is all you need to know about planting and growing your peony flowers. Looking to order a peony bouquet? Contact Chappell’s Florist in Burlington!

Steps to Planting and Growing your Peonies

  • As mentioned earlier, peonies are often sold as bare-root plants and usually have about three to five buds.
  • When planting your peonies, you should space them at least three to four feet apart. This will help enhance proper air circulation between your plants. Remember, peonies tend to bloom. If there is no air circulation, they may get choked or breed diseases.
  • To plant, dig a hole size of about two feet deep and two feet wide in well-drained soil under a sunny spot.
  • Set the root of your peony in the soil with its eyes facing upwards towards the sun. Do not plant too deep — one inch deep is good enough. Once that is done, remember to provide a shade.
  • At this point, you can backfill the holes. While doing this, be careful that the soil does not settle and bury your plant deeper than two inches. When you're done with that, you can tamp the soil gently to level it.
  • If you are planting your peony in a container, be sure not to cover them any deeper than it can grow in the pot
  • Be sure to always water thoroughly after planting. For your peonies to thrive well after planting. It needs enough sunlight and water

Peonies can pass as really good wedding flowers. If you're planning any occasion in Burlington and you need flower delivery, then you can always contact Chappell's Florist. If you also want to find out more about peony plants, you can always stop by as we will be willing to guide you through.

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