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A Look at Our Fall Flower Collection

A Look at Our Fall Flower Collection

18th Nov 2019

There is a reason why fall is such a treasured season when it comes to decorating. The stirring earth tones — deep oranges and yellow golds — make for striking home decor. It’s the perfect time to make the inside and outside of your home match the changing colors of nature itself.

Halloween is often a favorite for creative home decorations, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to make your home look fall festive. After all, Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away!

In today’s blog, we will take a look at our fall collection of flowers. In our previous blog, we mentioned some of our fall favorites (such as the Country Pumpkin arrangement). Today, we’ll take a deeper dive into some great floral options this fall. All of these are available online, or you can, of course, stop by our florist in South Burlington. We look forward to seeing you! Now, let’s look at some fall flowers!

Autumn Celebration Wrap

Whether you’re looking to give beautiful fall-themed flowers for a gift or you’re wanting to find that perfect arrangement for your new vase, our Autumn Celebration Wrap is the ideal choice for decorating a home with that festive fall look. You deserve flowers that celebrate the unique beauty of the Vermont fall season.

Golden Glow

Our Golden Glow arrangement is the perfect choice for the fall season. Nothing says fall quite like a pot full of golds, yellows, reds, and oranges. Our Golden Glow arrangement has a selection of flowers chosen specifically to celebrate fall colors. It makes for a great gift for the season. Really, it’s the perfect gift for yourself! It can look great anywhere in your home. Golden Glow is an ideal way to celebrate the season.

Amber Autumn

If you want to take your fall flowers to the next level, we recommend our Amber Autumn arrangement. Like the Golden Glow, our Amber Autumn has a beautiful selection of flowers that are specifically chosen to celebrate the colors of fall. With this arrangement, we also include roses and provide flowers with even deeper reds, as well as purple accent flowers. On top of that, instead of a fall-themed pot, you get an amber and iridescent cube vase that adds a degree of style to your arrangement.

Autumn Calling

Amber Autumn isn’t the only arrangement that comes with an unforgettable vase. Our Autumn Calling arrangement comes with a ceramic urn glazed in deep earth tones — the perfect complement to our selection of fall flowers. Autumn Calling even has delightful fall-colored leaves to accessorize the lovely flowers. We have a huge selection of flowers at our florist in South Burlington, and this collection includes some of our very favorites.

Autumn Wedding

Summertime gets a lot of attention for being wedding season, but fall offers an incomparable charm for weddings. Providing that you coordinate around the frigid temperatures, a fall wedding offers a unique beauty that will make your special day all the more unforgettable. A great way to add to that fall is aesthetic is to have flowers that match. Our Autumn Wedding arrangement brings together those breathtaking fall colors with grey eucalyptus for an elegant and stylish options this season.

Fall Cascade Of Color

The brilliance of autumn is on full display with our Fall Cascade Of Color bouquet. This special combination of flowers is the fall season distilled into a single arrangement. You get to experience a striking range of fall colors. With Fall Cascade Of Color, you can expect:

  • Orange lilies
  • Orange raniculus
  • Silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Blue delphinium
  • Purple stock
  • Magenta gerbera daisies
  • And more!

Our Fall Cascade of Color bouquet is one of our most popular items — and for good reason! Celebrate the season by getting this charming bouquet today.

Season Of Splendor

Right now, you can get our Season Of Splendor arrangement at a discounted price. The lovely arrangement is normally $44.99, but with this limited time special, you can purchase our Season of Splendor for just $39.99. This is a beautiful bargain since this arrangement includes a breathtaking collection of orange roses and alstroemeria accented with gold and green mums. On top of that, the whole arrangement comes situated in a classic terracotta pot. That’s the bargain of the season.

Visit Our Florist in South Burlington

This is just the beginning of our fall collection. Be sure to check out our Copper Petals Bouquet, Warm Embrace, Chappell's Hot Colors Flower Wrap, Basket Full Of Wishes, and so much more. You can celebrate by browsing our full selection of autumn flowers. Be sure to stop on by our florist in South Burlington. We have flowers for any occasion. Any time of year is a good time to visit Chappell’s Florist. We look forward to seeing you!