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Steps for Arranging a Flower Bouquet

Steps for Arranging a Flower Bouquet

Posted by Chappell's Florist on 30th Aug 2021

How well your wedding halls, room space, or any event space will turn out depends a great deal on how creative you can get. The flower arrangements can play an important role in defining that space so learning how to arrange these flowers is an amazing way to freshen up any room!

However, to help you fully understand the basics of flower arrangement, we have written down a step-by-step guide. If you follow these steps, best believe you will get better with your flower arrangements.

First off, you should understand that flower arrangement is not a difficult task. It is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is follow these steps below and in no time, you will be great at it. Or you can leave it to experts at Chappell’s Florist in Burlington!

1. Get your materials together

If you want to make a bouquet or just any flower arrangement for your home, then you will need scissors, a vase, water, and plant food (optional), and most importantly, any flowers of your choice.

2. Trim to your taste

Use your scissors to trim out any extra or unwanted leaves. This will help you create a clean stem. Although, you can leave a few leaves to add some volume to your overall arrangement. But also remember that you can use greenery to fill up any extra space!

3. Cut flower stems

Measure your flowers to your vase and cut them to size. Remember to cut your flower stems diagonally. This will help your flowers stay longer and absorb water. However, if you're making a bouquet you just have to cut the flower perfectly to fit your vase.

4. Fill the glass with water

Fill your glass with water (halfway through). But remember that you will have to change it at most every three days. If your water is less you will have to change the water more often. Do not forget to also add plant food if you want healthier plants.

If the plant food settles, you will have to stir until it is well mixed.

5. Add your greenery

Now you can start adding your greenery in a cross manner to form a base. This will help create a strong base for other flowers.

6. Add your flowers

When you are done with the base, then you can add in your flowers. While at it, ensure that they are evenly spread out. Remember it is your focal flowers you want to enhance so they will have to be colorful and bigger than your greenery.

7. Finish with secondary flowers

At this point, you can add your secondary flowers, if you have any. They have to be smaller than your actual flowers and should be able to surround your flower arrangement.

When that is done, you can remove any wilted flower and adjust your foliage to ensure any space is filled up.

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